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This week we visited The Whitney Biennial 2019 and found it to be a sedate affair – not at all the usual exhausting jumble of highs and lows. There’s less emphasis on politics and more on social issues, with several pieces conveying despair and urgency in equal measures. The Biennial is often called a snapshot of the current arts scene: if that holds true this time, then the image is one of a world that needs repairing – and fast.

In our Gallery Shows section, we’re highlighting Di Donna Gallery’s magnificent show Surrealism in Mexico. This selection of works is a must see for anyone looking for more understanding of Surrealism in the 1940s and 50s, with many examples from private collections or institutions in Mexico, Europe, and the US. Two well-known Frida Kahlo paintings are on display here: Me and My Parrots (1941) and La Venadita (The Little Deer) (1946). The latter is surprisingly small, with a clarity of vision reminiscent of medieval paintings.

Finally, don’t forget to scroll through our Museum Show section. In it, we focus on the specialty museums: those smaller institutions that focus on a single idea or topic with an intensity that larger places just can’t match. Take some time for yourself and visit one soon.