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How does a person become immortal? Traditional paths include being the offspring of a god, a servant of a god, the boyfriend, the girlfriend, or the victim of a crime committed by a god. Not exactly the best way to ensure your name is remembered until the end of time. Better to have talent, skill, and a little luck – oh, and hire an artist to do a portrait of you that will change the cultural landscape of your country as well as inspire lovers of beauty for generations to come. That’s how Sarah Bernhardt and Alphonse Mucha gained their places in the gallery of immortals: she by being a great actress and he by capturing the essence of her charisma through his art. To see what we mean, visit Poster House, NYC’s newest museum, located on West 23rd Street in Manhattan (full details in our ‘Opening This Week’ section).

Unfortunately for the northern white rhino, immortality is not in its future. This subspecies of rhino has been a victim of war, of poaching, and simply not having enough time to survive. Justin Mott’s photographs at Anastasia Photo document these last days of the northern white rhino and the efforts of their caretakers to keep them safe. Although this conservation story will have a sad ending, it’s important to remember any effort made to help endangered animals is never wasted. To learn more about this exhibit, click on our ‘Gallery Shows’ section.