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In New York, the traditional response to warm weather is to either go outside, stay inside, or leave the city. It’s possible to do all on the same day but why rush? Take your time and start with a stroll to one of our gallery choices for the week.

At Lisson Gallery in Chelsea, there’s a fascinating show that compares experimental painting ideas from the 1970s and today. The debate over the relevance of painting is complicated and this exhibit is an excellent introduction to the many aspects of the problem.

After that, head on over to east 78th street and relax with Almine Rech’s exhibit of Farah Atassi’s bright and dynamic work. These paintings have a great summer feel to them, with a strong palette of colors that seem to channel a bright sunny day.

If you want to leave the city (if only in your imagination), Sotheby’s on east 72nd street is presenting Treasures from Chatsworth: The Exhibition, a stunning collection of art from the famous stately home in Great Britain. Every object on display is a gem and the gallery setting enhances their beauty. Free tours daily give background on the artworks, their home, and the family that collected them.

Finally, if you actually want to leave the city, click on our ‘Arts Outside NYC’ tab for the latest installment of Site Seeing. This time we feature six museums in Connecticut: The Bruce Museum, the Wadsworth Atheneum, the Florence Griswold Museum, The Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art, the Lyman Allyn Art Museum, and Yale University Art Gallery. Every one of them is first class and to be completely truthful, offer exhibits you can’t see anywhere else, not even in NYC.

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