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Holiday weekends are a little different in NYC. Most people try to get away (to make room for the visitors) and if they can’t, they head on over to Coney Island or a park or something that gives the illusion they’re out of town. That’s fine but our fantasy journey involves space travel and our launching pad is the new exhibit at The Met, Apollo’s Muse: The Moon in the Age of Photography. Using a comprehensive selection of images ranging from the fanciful to the factual, it gives visitors an understanding about the science as well as the cultural importance of the Earth’s nearest neighbor. Our only fault with the show is that they didn’t include the Smashing Pumpkins homage to Georges Méliès’s A Trip to the Moon!

Another excellent show is Hirschl & Adler’s Reinventing the Real, a survey of American Realism from the 20th and 21st centuries. This movement goes in and out of fashion a lot, but we’ve always thought of it as a necessary correction to some of the terrible nonsense that is contemporary art. Stop on by during the workweek and see if you agree.

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