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Selecting the best of New York City’s arts scene

When you get down to it, New York City is not always the best place to spend a summer day. For one thing, it’s really full of people: sweaty, irritated people who are just trying to get somewhere without losing it. For another, the traffic above and below ground seems to expand in the heat, making delays that do cause people to finally lose it. To keep ourselves from joining them (and making the cover of The Post), we call in sick and head out to the Hudson Valley. In that lush and peaceful region, we can relax while admiring world-famous gardens and sculpture parks, before heading back to our frantic lives. In our ‘Arts Outside NYC’ section, we’re featuring four places to look at art in the great outdoors: Untermyer Gardens, Opus 40 Sculpture Park and Garden, Manitoga: The Russel Wright Design Center, and Storm King Art Center. Each has special exhibits and events all summer long, ranging from this Saturday with Opus 40 Sculpture Park hosting a performance of Jesus Christ Superstar (details here) and the Sunday, July 28th The Atlas Obscura Great Forgotten Garden Party at Untermyer Gardens (details here) to weekly tours of Manitoga (details here) or Storm King (details here). With so many choices, you’ll want to return every chance you get!