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Selecting the best of New York City’s arts scene

When you look at as much art as we do, the first thing you realize is that there are a lot of different ways to express emotions and concepts. After all, humans have had thousands of years to explore and explain their place in each other’s lives, not to mention their relationships to the world in general, etc. It’s fascinating to see how we’ve managed to do it and make beautiful art to describe it all.


The second thing you realize after looking at a lot of art is that very few people, at any stage of human existence, are any good at it. All of us have said it at one time or another: either you’ve got it, or you don’t.

Lucky for us, New York City has got more its fair share of the great talents, as well as an amazing variety of places to see works of all genres, nations, and time periods. Some fine examples are on our list this week: In the ‘Opening This Week’ section there’s Ogata Kamio at Joan Mirviss LTD and Constructing the Frame: Composition Among the Early Soviet Avant-Garde at Nailya Alexander Gallery, both showcasing brilliant minds taking on established artistic methods to create something new and dynamic in their respective fields. For our ‘Gallery Shows’ choices we have Máscaras: The Other Faces of Mexico at Cavin-Morris and Michiko Kon: Cannibal Feast at Robert Mann Gallery, using objects as stand-ins for emotional needs and desires. By confronting masks used in modern day festivals or religious ceremonies, looking at photographs of items arranged to look like familiar things, visitors are pushed to examine their own feelings about what they see as well as their reactions to the works. Requiring viewer involvement makes for powerful experiences – exactly what we all need art to do.