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At first glance, nothing could be more different than the new exhibits at the American Folk Art Museum and The Frick Collection. The former institution is dedicated to creative people with little or no formal training in the arts, whose imaginations found expression in every medium possible. The latter celebrates a little known but seminal sculptor of the Italian Renaissance. But when seeing AFAM’s new show Memory Palaces: Inside the Collection of Audrey B. Heckler or The Frick’s Bertoldo di Giovanni: The Renaissance of Sculpture in Medici Florence, what becomes clear is regardless of the creator’s agenda, education, or status in society, the imagination and desire to make art is a universal impulse. To learn more about these exhibits, click on the ‘Opening This Week’ tab.

On the other hand, some artists prefer to remove the human element from some of their works. Vera Molnar and Bernard Frize have spent years thinking about the issues behind making marks on a paper or canvas. They ask the big questions regarding the need or use for human intervention in artworks and keep trying new experiments to develop their ideas further. At Senior & Shopmaker Gallery Vera Molnar: Drawings and Paintings 1947 – 1986 showcases the abstract and Constructivist works as well as the ground-breaking computer generated art that are some of her best known works. Perrotin New York has Bernard Frize: Journey in Autumn, a selection of paintings previously seen this year at the gallery’s Paris location. The paintings’ subtle play on intentional formation and random results create a tension that is not meant to be resolved but to spark ideas for a new attempt. Gallery information and details can be found by clicking the ‘Gallery Shows’ tab.