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Selecting the best of New York City’s arts scene

As we get ready for the end of the year, we’d like to say thank you to all our readers as well as the museums, galleries, parks and gardens that have been featured on ArtsGazing. We’re so lucky to live in a city with such a wide variety of choices in the visual arts, along with a devoted (and opinionated) public eager to see everything from classic works to the latest trends. It makes our job easy: we know that whatever we find interesting, there’s someone out there who either knows about it too, or is eager to learn more.

In the new year we’ll be presenting a round up of the must-see gallery shows for late winter, as well as a summary of the many art fairs running from January to April. We’re also running a special feature on Twitter in January: ’31 Days of Art’, daily recommendations to inspire our readers to try something new or different in the visual arts. At the end of the month, all the ideas will be posted on the website for future reference.

Before 2019 finishes, there’s one more gallery show we’d like to recommend. UrbanGlass in Brooklyn is a combination studio/store/gallery space that welcomes artists and students to work in a modern glass-making facility. Their latest exhibit in the Agnes Varis Art Center is Olivia Booth: Drawing Out Time, an excellent example of pushing the boundaries of glassmaking in material and design. It may even inspire you to sign up for a class next year!