New Season, New Routines for the Arts

We’re happy to announce that many of NYC’s museums and galleries have spent the summer implementing new methods and requirements for visitor entry (and collecting a ton of email addresses for fundraising as well), so if you’re masked and vaccinated, with proof displayed via one of the following methods below, the world’s art treasures are available to you:

  • CDC vaccine card (or photo of the front & back of the card on your smartphone)
  • NYC COVID Safe app (available on Android and iOS)
  • New York State Excelsior Pass (information here)
  • NYC Vaccination record
  • or an official immunization record from either outside NYC or the United States (meaning another country –  in case this isn’t clear, more details are here)

This is not negotiable or optional. Please don’t buy a ticket or make a reservation to enter an arts facility or business if you do not have proof of a COVID vaccine – you will not be allowed to enter, the ensuing argument with the staff on duty will be recorded by strangers who will upload it and make money off your bad behavior, your family will be mortified, and you will have to spend countless hours getting Google search to stop displaying this unfortunate event as the first entry when employers and prospective dates look you up.

Now back to business…

Welcome to the 2021 fall season! Here at ArtsGazing.com you’ll find listings, reviews, and opinions on the latest exhibitions in New York City’s galleries and museums, as well as links to our Twitter and Instagram feeds. Every Friday we’ll be posting recommendations in the ‘Opening This Week’ and ‘Gallery Shows’ sections, ready for your weekend plans. In addition, our fall preview sections on art shows, galleries, and museums showcase the variety of NYC’s culture, with the occasional ‘I can’t believe that’s art’ thrown in, just to expand your horizons.

We’ll also be keeping an eye on the fulfillment of pledges and promises made by arts organizations regarding diversity and inclusion in all aspects of their work. After the social protests of 2020, institutions that had been coasting along with outdated methods of collecting and communicating information need to implement new procedures – and revise constantly, if they are to continue being relevant in the 21st century. It will be interesting to see whether they embrace or avoid the challenges of our time.

Finally, although we recommend seeing our selections in person, if there’s any reason you may feel uncomfortable with going to a museum or gallery, either from concern about your health or the health of visitors to the venue, many of these places offer extensive online material on their websites. Just click on the link in our listings to view the artworks virtually. As we’ve all learned in the past 18 months, viewing art online may not be the best option but it’s good enough.

And now, get ready to sample the visual arts on offer in New York City!

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