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New York City Themed Podcasts

Photo by Israel Palacio on Unsplash

New York Said – Hosted by Amon Focus

One of the best general interest podcasts we know about is New York Said, hosted by Amon Focus and featuring conversations with New Yorkers, some well known, others not so much, but all contributing something to the city’s cultural and social landscape. One of the reasons we like this podcast so much is Focus’ rapport with his guests and the free-flowing conversation that results from it.

Clever: A Podcast about Design

Although it isn’t strictly about NYC, Clever: A Podcast about Design, does have an interview with Murray Moss, one of the most influential design taste-makers in the US. His 18 year run in retail (the eponymous Moss, in SoHo) brought contemporary design from small and large firms to an audience starving for audacious yet practical ideas: we’re not ashamed to say that if it wasn’t for Mr. Moss, we wouldn’t know how to distinguish great design from the merely good.

Starting in 2005, Design Matters with Debbie Millman has brought voices from across the creative design landscape of NYC and the world. Through interviews, backed up with excellent research on each guest, Millman discusses the challenging process that everyone encounters when working in the arts, and the resulting solutions. This should be mandatory listening for anyone who wants to work in these fields or who’s curious about the people who have shaped so much of modern life.