NYC Videocasts

Photo courtesy Merchant’s House Museum

Blueprint NYC – NYC.GOV

On the NYC website, besides the government issued advice and legal information, there’s also NYC Media, the official broadcast and media production group of the City of New York. There’s lots of TV shows archived on the site; one of the best is Blueprint NYC, with 30 minute episodes exploring buildings and sites around town with strong cultural and historic identities. Suitable for kids and adults, the videos make an excellent starting point for discussing local and American history. One great episode is on the Merchant’s House, a historic museum home filled with fascinating details of daily life in the early 19th century.

Various tours and lectures – The Grolier Club

The Grolier Club is one of those unexpected gems that makes city life so interesting. Founded in 1884, the club’s main mission is as a society for bibliophiles and people interested in the graphic arts but just as important is their continued effort to promote interest and exploration in these fields through free exhibits held at their midtown location. Every single time we’ve gone to one of their shows, we’ve learned something new and interesting about history, literature, society or art –making this one of the few places where no matter how much you know when you walk in, you’ll know a bit more when you leave. They offer several videos of past exhibit lectures and commentary on Vimeo, with one of the most interesting being a tour of their winter 2019 show Five Hundred Years of Women’s Work, led by Lisa Baskin, who assembled the collection. 

Photo by mari small on Unsplash

Preservation School and Six to Celebrate – Historic Districts Council

The Historic Districts Council is a non-profit preservation society for NYC neighborhoods. Founded in 1970, they provide technical and strategic support to local groups and individuals to save and preserve historic buildings. They also monitor the NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission, work with city planners as well as private developers to create a balance between a neighborhood’s history and current needs. Part of their mission is educating the public on aspects of architectural history, building material, and urban planning, through downloadable walking tour itineraries called Six to Celebrate and a course called Preservation School. Several videos of lectures are available for free on YouTube, the quality isn’t the best but the sound is clear.

Photo by Wes Hicks on Unsplash

NYC History Tours – Urbanist

Walking through NYC neighborhoods is one of life’s great pleasures – and fortunately for us, there are a lot of videos where you can experience that joy while inside. One of our favorite YouTube channels is NYC History Tours, which has five programs available at the moment: Chinatown, SoHo, Meatpacking District, Times Square, and the Garment District. All are about 30 minutes, filled with interesting facts, and keep us from missing our city too much.